The world is all a-flutter with the chatter of free love

Any road, seventies is back for Spring (there were mutters of this last year, but I have good feelings this time). I have my covetous eye on this simple maxi from Asos, and overall I’m pretty thrilled. I can’t imagine myself in bell bottoms, but I’ve long been a proponent of the high waisted variety of trousers, and a little bit of paisley worn in a style you wouldn’t associate with the pattern cuts that line between “trying very hard to be ironic” and sweet. And god knows you can’t beat some hideous wallpaper patterns paired with simple socks and brogues, and pared down accessories.

Image via Asos

And for a heel and a half, Topshop’s got some fantastic styles.


Via Topshop

I have a fiendish plan however, to dye my hair grey. Well, not dye it myself, but regardless of who’s involved, I’m going grey, baybay, and I can’t envision the wintery trend so befitting of last season’s snow and ice to work well with Spring’s hazy hues. Sher we’ll see.