Ming Xi’s Lazy Day in Vogue China

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The words desolate, dark, wet and lonely don’t really suggest a sensible shortcut via an alley, let alone a fashion shoot.

But Ming Xi’s mastery of her expansive and empty surroundings lends life to an industrial landscape in this editorial for Vogue China. Called Lazy Day, it doesn’t look very lazy (or very enjoyable, sitting around in warehouses or hoofing it across damp grit) but Boo George’s eye, combined with Joanna Schlenzka’s styling somehow takes simple monochrome shapes and dark backgrounds to create something vibrant and atmospheric.

And how beautiful are the tux trousers, and jumpsuit? I haven’t found a jumpsuit that fits perfectly so far (it’s a toughie when you’re really tall) but I think it’s time to look a bit harder.



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