You’re Strange and beautiful

I take issue with the frequency with which the word obsession is thrown about in fashion circles. It’s ‘the new bag obsession’ and every beauty editor is ‘obsessed’ with Chanel’s latest military-coloured nail lacquer offering, or ‘we’re like, totally obsessed with’ Zooey Deschanel’s latest quirky girl comedy vehicle.

The fact is, very few people are genuinely obsessed with things or people. You can’t call a nail varnish in the middle of the night and breathe deeply into the phone, while it cries on the other end and demands to know who you are, and you can’t sit across the road from a Mulberry Alexa’s home with a telescopic lense, night vision goggles and a scrapbook full of its pictures.

The reason I’m waxing about my distaste for the word is that I was nearly going to use it, in relation to one Miss Bonnie Strange. I may not be obsessed, but I can admit to a major fascination with the Deutsch-Modell and photographer extraordinaire.

Her style is very genuinely real, for one thing. Her clothes aren’t exactly high-fashion – her wardrobe is a mish-mash of H&M, vintage store Made in Berlin, second hand oddities and dress-up pieces. That hasn’t dissuaded her from inviting you to share in her ‘high-fashion’ life, however, and where the tags fall down, Bonnie lives up. The pointed vegetarian catalogues her escapades in a series of instagram-esque photos on her blog, both on her own and with moody, big-lipped boyfriend, Wilson Gonzalez. A seemingly inexhaustible stream of adrenaline keeps the girl going (along with cigarettes, alcohol, and some particularly foul-looking recipes involving chips, onions and ketchup) but she’s not ironic; on the contrary, she unapologetically flaunts what she loves, regardless of whether it can really be considered high-fashion or not. That said, she unquestionably has style.

One of the things she loves is hair dye. One of the lucky few as to be genetically predisposed towards beauty, Bonnie can look meek and sweet or ravenous and wild, with hair ranging from candy pink to sky blue, and always disarmingly pretty (I’m quite jealous of her suck-it-and-see attitude to dying her hair – it always works out for the best.)

You have to wonder at the veracity of her statements concerning her wild-partying lifestyle – one couldn’t look so fresh permanently and still be a dirty out-all-night, but maybe she’s managing it. And if she really is as positive, and has as much fun as she leads us to believe, then more power to her.

Legs eleven.