Dublin sales haul, y’all

ITS JANUARY, that scientifically-verified most depressing month (although not for much longer, it must be admitted). It’s been a month of flux too – some bad news, some good – and my secondary school English teacher would be delighted to hear the weather’s been reflecting the mood. There’s nothing more changeable than an Irish sky in January.

I went into town yesterday to buy a measuring tape and some sewing needles (and mostly to get out of the house and avoid working on my much-talked-about, ne’er written chicklit). I neglected to bring an umbrella however, and that’s how I found myself going from shop to shop, ducking droplets the size of kittens’ heads. We can blame the weather, therefore, for my latest haul.

After the retail rush of late December/early January, I sometimes forget that the sales are still going this late. I was idly flipping through rails in Pull&Bear (I’ve always had a certain affection for P&B after a stint working there during college) when I lit upon a beauty – a structured, quilt-effect neoprene sweater. And there it was, in no short supply, and in all sizes, which made me wonder (not for the first time) if my sense of style is particular (and peculiar) to me alone.

I may have idly flipped through the rails in Zara and idly roamed the shelves of Office too. Check out my sale goodies below.


Belts, Pull & Bear, €1.99


Leopard-print Converse All-Stars, Office, €25, Black ‘YEAH!’ clutch, Pull & Bear, €2.99


Pull & Bear white pleather shopper, €7.99, black neoprene sweat, €7.9920140130-151440.jpg


Black neoprene sweat as before, Zara floor-length wool dress, €12.99.

Total: €58.95! I am, as they say, safe to let out on my own. Have you gotten any sales bargains, and where?