Now Tane I can get into

Here’s the exquisitely beautiful Abbey Lee Kershaw in Versace’s Spring Summer 2011 campaign, shot by Mario Testino (and flanked by the equally pretty Malthe Lund Mad­sen and Vic­tor Nylan­der). It’s simple, with bold colour- nicely transitional for spring. The champagne coloured dress drips class- so structural, and yet not fussy. There’s a nice nod to fringing too- it’s an interesting piece to feature, but it certainly enhances the diversity of colour and texture. I’m not sure I’m a huge fan of the motif however- while it ties in nicely with the theme of the collection, I don’t think it’s a pattern that will age well (which is ironic to be true, considering it’s in an ancient Greek style). How and ever, enjoy Abby’s icy charms below.

This is one of the dresses featured in the show last September, that wasn’t featured in the campaign, but look at those lines. Just gorgeous.

Images via: Zombie and Candy and runway image via


I love a good awards show, me


I spend an inordinate amount of time reading fashion and design blogs, and generally craving the style of their authors. When it comes to style we’re all very inspired by what surrounds us, in the media, in our friends’ wardrobes, in magazines, and what we seek out ourselves- beautiful photography, hours spent trawling shops’ sites online, google imaging those “it girls” and boys who seem to have captured the essence of cool. In the same way that a genre of music might appeal to one as another might hate it however, you can’t shoehorn yourself into another’s style.


I worry sometimes that my style is boring- I currently favour the sleeker or less complicated silhouette, and more muted colours. At the same time I have a wide variety of unusual accessories- I’m more of a magpie when it comes to my smaller pieces, which really is a very nice way of saying I don’t think before I buy in the same way I would about a piece of clothing. This isn’t really a good thing- accessories often cost the same or more than clothes. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that my style can be incongruous (and I give away a black bin liner of clothes at least once a season). However, with all this talk of sustainable fashion, capsule wardrobes and all the old adages about dressing to suit your frame/colouring/lifestyle I’m making a more conscious effort to simplify my wardrobe. And let’s be realistic, we could all do with a clearout- I’ve seen some shockingly overstuffed wardrobes, and we all remember nu-rave now, now don’t we?


The Golden Globes were on last night in America, and a few snappy lasses eked sex appeal and glam out of these minimal numbers.


Emma Stone in Calvin Klein Collection


Tilda Swinton in Jil Sander


Claire Danes in Calvin Klein Collection


Guh, the beautiful simplicity of it all. Simple hair, accessories, and good tailoring- you can’t beat it. I think God may be telling me to buy something by Calvin Klein Collection, but I can hear my credit card saying “Noooo, it burns!”, that little plastic rascal.


Photo credit: Emma Stone via, Tilda Swinton and Claire Danes,

la premier poste

The original idea behind the internet was that it would be a useful tool for the dissemination of scholarly ideas. I’m not sure this is (primarily) the case anymore, but when you consider the rate at which the spread of information is growing constantly, and what’s implied by the term “information”, it’s quite mind boggling. I’m alway stumbling across beautiful little things like this video- gorgeous, and created simply. I struggle often to try and be creative, whether it’s in my phrasing or my working day, but it’s pretty inspiring to just meander down Internet Lane and see what the rest of humanity has been up to.


Tokyo Sky Drive – Une vidéo filmé dans le train de nuit de Tokyo avec un effet miroir. L’idée et simple, le résultat est une vidéo onirique et insolite, une vision de Tokyo qui sort de l’ordinaire.”

“Tokyo Sky Drive”- a video film in the Tokyo night train using a mirror effect. The idea’s simple, but the result is a vision of Tokyo that is bizarre, dreamlike, and quite extraordinary.”