Canny Penneys

It’s been nothing but a pleasure watching Penneys (or Primark, as the rest of the world knows it) expand its range and tap into trends over the last few years. I used to work in the same building as the Penneys Dublin HQ, and get a little thrill of excitement up my spine seeing rails of trend-focused clothes rolling past or sharing the lift.

Primark is going from strength to strength internationally. This has also been the 12 months in which we’ve seen Primark’s flagship Irish store on Henry Street expand hugely, and the year in which the budget retailer expanded its wings and took to online sales at ASOS.

And all the while, producing clothes that truly look the business – no doubt the work of a team of canny buyers and trend forecasters.

I’ll be the first to admit it. Philo’s latest diversion scared me a little – just when you think lo-fi is comfortably embedded in the fashion consciousness and here to stay, the queen of minimalism throws something strange and discomfiting out. Gorgeous, to be sure, but shocking? Hell yes.

I’m not sure I’m ready to give up on my craggily structured coats, sweaters, skirts and muted tones. Thankfully, Penneys isn’t ready for me to do that either. Here are some of the gorgeous Spring pieces you can see in store now and soon.


Jumpsuit in stores from  February


Neoprene backpack in stores now


Sheer dress available in store from March (shoes, bandeau and pants in the coming weeks)


Sandals (in my opinion, a lot more publically wearable than Adidas Slides but still getting a good dose of monochrome)


Grey quilted sweater and white visor, available now

I’ll dream about that sheer dress tonight.