Let’s make shapes

Ever heard of Rosa Rendl?

I stumbled across this Austrian snapper today. She’s been featured in publications like Another, Baron, Modern Matter, Tissue and Novembre. Her style is simple, working in a soft palette of pinks, mint greens, dusky blues and burned reds. What’s more notable though, is how she de-constructs everyday shapes to find new geometry, strange angular collisions in the space between objects and the meetings of walls.

Rendl’s talent lies in discovering the new in the mundane. Her eye finds satisfying combinations of colours and lines, resulting in pictures that don’t necessarily display their constituent parts in any identifiable way.

It’s easy to stroll through the natural world and stop seeing the beauty and form, to take what surrounds us for granted. Often we need to be reminded to stop and appreciate the millions of years of explosions, erosion, growth and rebirth, in a fantastic array of colours, to be thankful for a world that doesn’t just sustain us, but gives life a kaleidoscopic backdrop.

It seems gauche then to suggest we try and see that same beauty in man-made structures, in boxy rooms that follow a similar structure the world over. But as Rendl’s photos prove, there is beauty even in the most ordinary, the usual. It just takes a certain kind of viewpoint to see it – and we’re lucky she decided to share hers.







All images from Rosarendl.com


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