Stellar in Stella: Bo Don good



This is Bo Don, or more specifically Bo Don’s remarkably charismatic fringe, doing a star turn in Latin American Harper’s Bazaar, in the August 2013 issue (photographed by Hans Neumann). The shoot was all Stella McCartney, and the photos have a chilled, cool feel, as if we’re all all going for a stroll together, after the tourists have abandoned a seaside resort for another year. Summer seems to be nearing its end (and it’s officially autumn, meteorologically speaking, so that’s no great surprise). Neumann’s captured that back-to-school feeling – the ache where you look back and wonder if you made enough of the good weather, stayed out late enough, climbed enough trees or drank enough fizzy gin and Pimms concoctions.

That said, you’re not likely to be clambering up any stretch of bark in a Stella McCartney coat,  any time soon. It’s not a real heartbreak either. You might glance fondly on summer’s excursions, but camel coats like the pair featured here suggest more strolls, maybe with hats, gloves, scarves and  warm embraces on crisp nights.











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