Do you Philo me girl

So the feline, simmering Daria Werbowy is continuing her tenure as the face of Céline for a third season running, looking unposed and candid in the newly-released Autumn 2013 photos.

Her mathsy bone structure and minimal make-up (the focus being a within-the-lines arterial-red, come-to-bed pout) suit the equally angular looks so well. Teller’s set her against stark or busy backgrounds, and the juxtaposition of bright, clean and irregular, against so much dark colour and pattern is a visual winner – the clothes pop right out of the picture.

There’s something else there too – the surgical green tile of the kitchen, the multicoloured pattern of a darkened entrance hallway, low down – these aren’t clothes that belong in the perma-cold of the tiled Iberian country home. The whole set-up says ‘take me away from here – if only to give these clothes the trans-Siberian adventure they call out for’.

The beauty touches almost get lost in the stunning images, but red talons tie together the story and a plain white bow cinches a top knot sweetly. It’s a little out of place, but if it doesn’t veer more complicated than unhemmed white ribbon, I guess it’s still still got Phoebe Philo tied in.

It’s a nice sign of what’s to come and only a snapshot of the whole gorgeous collection. I know it makes me sounds like an awful bore, but summer’s impractical heat (and as I glance out at the weather, occasional, and unpredictable downpours) makes me long for the layers and tougher materials of winter. And my goodness, that leather shopper is a beauty.






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