But it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing – without a woman or a girl

I can’t help but love male silhouettes. I’m a big fan of straight leg pants and suiting materials – tweed, crepe, fine wools, silk, satin. I often think I’d like to dress like Janelle Monae all of the time, but as the kind of person who could likely undergo ten years of hypnosis and retain the frightening ability to repeatedly hit the sleep button on my alarm clock while still unconscious, it seems to me like a lot of upkeep. That and Dublin stares are the kind that linger – people here are remarkably comfortable commenting on your appearance (generally on public transport). Like everything else, you’d probably get bored eventually.

So it’s NY Fashion Week (and has been for a few days now) – I feel like I ought to have been blogging properly, show by show (I’ve spent enough time perusing, in what one friend has previously called a “click marathon”) but I don’t think I would do it justice, and in terms of what I would like to write I have to take things like eating and sleeping into account. I’ll do a breakdown of my favourites at the end (because God knows my personal favourites are important, right?)

In the meantime, here are some lovely looks du male.

The Row RTW Fall 2011


Trias Fall 2011


Both above: Jason Wu Fall 2011 via Man Repeller


And now for something completely different:


I love socks. I love the bastards.



Anna Selezna lensed by David Vasiljevic for Numéro Tokyo (March 2011)

I recently bought over-the-knee socks in Topshop, but my legs are too long and they only came as far as my knee. Such is the tragedy of my life.

This video is gorgeous, just beautifully shot – take a gander.



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