I don’t work Fridays

And yet, it’s one of my busiest days, probably because that personal life I’ve been neglecting is coming back to bite me in the ass. Today, I needs must:

Ring my bank and yell at them.

Work via email, and completely chop up an article to make it work.

Ring the shop I bought my laptop in and yell at them ( I mean, excellent aftercare is great. I just wish my laptop didn’t need so much aftercare)

Plan and pack my bags for Belfast, where I’m going for the weekend with my friend, Grace.

Research and article planning.

Drink lots of Lemsip. I’m terribly fluey.

S’okay though. I don’t know how I managed it in college, but I could look at that list and think,”yeah, I’ll get that done before lunch, or if I don’t I’ll stay up all night, fueled by red bull and panic until it is done. Now all I think is, sigh, I’ll probably have to do exactly this again next Friday.

The weather’s getting a little better every day (although in saying that, I think we were back into minus temperatures again last night).I gave up drinking and smoking for my health (that old chestnut) and I keep saying I’ll go for a run (now that I can breathe), but the paths are legitimately icy at the moment. I need new running shoes too, but I hate the look of those breathable, horribly functional, ergonomic types. These however are quite nice:

Image via Stella McCartney for Adidas


I’ve to give blood today too (I haven’t in ages), but I thought I’d save that so I could post this very cute advertising



Images via Santa Casa Hospital Campaign



You really can’t fault the Irish Blood Donation system though, they do a stellar job, and they’re so positive in all their information, encouragement and advertising.

Lastly, I thought I’d share this image. I suppose it doesn’t require much explanation because there’s actually very little explainable about it, but it appeals to me greatly for some reason.




Image via UFunk




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